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Birthdate:Dec 28
Location:California, United States of America
[current] movie: Dr. Who : Doomsday || music: Interpol : Evil [/current]

I always have the hardest of times with these "About Me" blurbs. Well, let's see .. I'm a 26 year old girl that is attending college in an on again-off again manner. I am currently a declared Biology major and haven't gotten around to changing this to my actual double major of Education/Theatre. I'm an active thespian and love anything and everything to do with the Arts from drawing to acting. I am passionate about singing and find myself doing so all the time; jingles or full songs, it's all the same for me!

I lived 17+ years of my life between Anchorage and the Matsu Valley, located in the beautiful state of Alaska, before moving to live with my girlfriend in California in early 2007.

As for my interests, I have a plethora, as seen in my list of them. I have a love for the Japanese culture, extending into the genre of anime and manga. Favorites in these categories include anything by Miyazaki Hayao, Slayers, CLAMP, and Angel Sanctuary. I have always been a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the movies have recently rekindled my love of Peregrine "Pippin" Took, portrayed by the marvelous Billy Boyd. I'm also a rabid fan of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, co-modding [info]the_four_houses here on LJ. I'm a fan of the 80's, loving the toys and various cartoons of that wonderful time. My Little Ponies are a current collectible of myself, and I'm always striving to find another to add to the ever growing collection.

My current obsession are as follows, in no particular order: Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Mob Stuff, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, John Barrowman, David Tennant, Billie Piper.

Sirius!Remus!Tonks = OTP Love!
Severus!Millicent = OTP Love!
Nine/Ten!Rose = OTP Love!
Jack!Rose!Doctor = OT3 CANON LOVE!
Talma! = OTP Love!

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